Nelisha Garza
Public Benefits coordinator

Nelisha Garza is a Public Benefits Coordinator with The Michels Law Firm. With years of experience navigating complex Medicaid Policy, Nelisha primarily oversees the appeals process of applications with the State and client’s applications with assets that would generally present issues with HHSC. Also, she drafts and executes legal documents, such as Power of Attorneys, Miller Trusts, and Deeds.

An East Texas native, Nelisha has worked in multiple areas related to personal care and Financial services. Nelisha was a Licensed Insurance Agent in Louisiana working with families over the Greater Shreveport-Bossier Area plan for retirement and final expenses. During that time, she also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northwestern State University.

Upon returning to Texas, Nelisha began working for the State of Texas obtaining benefits for Texas’ Elderly and Disabled population. Then advanced to HHSC’s Appeals Division where she defended the State on actions taken by workers in hearings. An expensive working knowledge of Medicaid policy is required to successfully defend the State. She was promoted to lead worker, trained several new hires, and audited hearings from other workers.

Nelisha’s extensive knowledge of Medicaid policy and financial services made her an asset in Elder Law and Estate Planning.

The Michels Law Firm asked Nelisha to join their team in 2018 to assist them with Financial, Estate and Medicaid planning with the knowledge and background that she has obtained over the years.