R. Jeff Green
Registered Investment Advisor

Jeff Green is the Financial Advisor at the Michels Law Firm. Jeff has over 20 years of experience in problem solving for seniors needing Long-Term Care Medicaid.

In 1985 Jeff became a Regional Manager for GE Capital Financial Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a Six Sigma advocate, Jeff led the region in defining, measuring, analyzing, and improving the service side of our industry, which led him to Houston in 1993.

In 1997 Jeff recognized a need in financing long-term care. Jeff pursued the next step in his career by joining a sister company called GE Capital Assurance as a Regional Manager in Houston. He obtained an insurance license in 1997 to leverage insurance to solve this problem. This gave jeff significant insight as to how our aging population was choosing to address the high cost of care. The result: nine out of ten families have chosen to self insure.

In 2000 Jeff formed his own company called Safe Asset Strategies to address the 90% of those who face the high cost of care. Alternative solutions to private pay became a necessity. Jeff had no choice but learn as much as he could about how Medicaid and the VA could be alternative solutions.

In 2013, Jeff formed a Registered Investment Adversary firm to further provide financial support to families.

Estate planning attorneys recognized that Jeff’s background would be extremely valuable to their practices. Thus, Jeff has arduously worked for elder law and estate planning attorneys since 2000.

Jeff joined our team at The Michels Firm in 2018. Of all financial advisors nationwide, only a handful are true fiduciaries, and very few have a 20-year background in an estate planning law firm, a background in financing long-term care, including an understanding of government regulations, and having also excelled in a Fortune 500 Company.