Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that covers long-term care in a nursing home plus various medical services that Medicare does not pay for. Medicaid is for those who qualify.

If they are, what's next? Return home? Private pay? If you cannot return home and you cannot afford to private pay, call The Michels Law Firm before you discharge to go home.

Many families choose to become full time caregivers for their loved one, only to find out they can't. Call The Michels Law Firm to learn your options.

If you don't have long-term care insurance, it is too late to get it. If you are a war time veteran, you may be eligible for VA Aid and Attendance (but rarely is it enough to cover all nursing home expenses). So, the big question is, "Can I truly afford to private pay?" If the answer is No, call The Michels Law Firm to discuss Medicaid Planning.

No, Medicaid's rules allow you to protect some or all of your assets. The Michels Law Firm can help you protect your assets through Medicaid's exemptions and exclusions.

Medicaid exemptions allow you to protect all your spouse's income and certain assets while still paying for your care. The Michels Law Firm will show you how to protect your loved one's income and resources.

Medicaid can deny or seriously delay your eligibility if you give away assets. However, we can show you transfers that are exempt and explain Medicaid's "look back" period.

Yes and No. Yes, if you make mistakes or follow the wrong advice. No, if you work with The Michels Firm and plan properly.

1. Do you know why you need one?

2. Do you know how it works?

3. Improper drafting or execution of such a trust can cause Medicaid to deny your application. Don't risk your eligibility! Call The Michels Law Firm.

This happens all the time because the rules are very complicated, and the State of Texas is not allowed to give you legal or financial advice. Often a denial is due to case worker error. The Michels Law Firm will help prevent mistakes and may be able to overturn your denial.