Physicians dedicate their lives to providing quality patient care. They keep up with developments in their field, follow recordkeeping requirements, and make every decision in their patient’s best interest. A complaint from the Texas Medical Board can be confounding and disruptive.

But an improper response to a TMB complaint can be disastrous. Oftentimes a physician assumes the TMB is predisposed to support the doctor, when its role is better understood as protecting the public, and the doctor does not recognize the seriousness of a complaint. Investigating the complaint and providing a complete, aggressive, and thorough response from attorneys who have dealt with TMB investigators over the year is the best way to assure a complaint is resolved in the doctor’s best interest.

At the Michels Firm, we have decades of experience representing both physicians and nurses before the TMB and Texas Board of Nursing. The types complaints we handle include:

  • Breach of the Standard of Care
  • Failure to Timely Complete CME
  • Violation of TMB Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Breaching Terms of Suspension or Probation
  • Interstate Disciplinary Actions
  • Prescription Violations
  • Substance Abuse Issues
  • Physical or Mental Impairment Impacting Ability to Practice
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